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No matter how detailed the vehicle, ignoring any one aspect can let it down. Tyres can be one such area. For the past 25 years Tyreart have specialised in developing products for tyre wall enhancement.

TYREGLOSS and TYRE PEN are the only compatible products available and form the basis for the Tyreart Tyre Cosmetics System.

At Tyreart we offer a whole range of products!

Including Tyre Detailing and Tyre Pens. Because we care about your Tyres!

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Motorsport Applications

Over the years leading motorsport teams have been broadening the uses to which Tyreart is put.

Tyre Detailing

By simply applying a coat of Tyre Gloss to the tyre wall, you will achieve a long lasting black sheen, which will add protection so that when the tyre becomes dirty it can easily be washed to restore its ‘as new’ appearance.

Tyre Pen

Tyre Pen is a unique, liquid tyre paint marker, manufactured by Tyreart in a range of 11 brilliant opaque candy colours.