Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will Tyreart tyre paint last on a tyre?

Unfortunately it depends on many factors; The tyre itself, road conditions, how you drive and how often. Tyreart Paint in a Pen has been developed for used in motorsport and has been the marker of choice for leading race and rally teams for over 25 years. For display and show use, the more applications over time, the longer lasting the effect becomes, as the paint builds and adheres to the tyre. For ultimate surface preparation, use Tyreart Tyre Gloss before applying Tyre Pen.

Can Tyre Gloss be used as a standalone product?

Yes. Being a black liquid which dries without residue, Tyre Gloss can be used solely to enhance a tyre, as a preparation for Paint in a Pen, or even for restoration of black plastic and rubber trim.

How many tyres will one Tyre Pen do?

Tyreart’s tyre marker is filled with enough paint to detail a set of four tyres many times over.

Does the Paint in a Pen mark other surfaces?

Yes, the specially formulated paint works on almost any surface and is often ideal for setting out or marking components during strip down and rebuild.

Is Tyre Pen compatible with tyre foams, gels or other rubber finishing products?

No. Tyreart has formulated its own sidewall enhancer, Tyre Gloss. This is the only surface treatment suitable for use with the Tyreart Tyre Marker.

Are the paint markers available in different colours?

Yes, a range of eleven opaque colours is available. White, Gold, Silver, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Grey, Pink, and Black. All can be purchased via our website and eBay shop.

I can't find Tyreart Products in my local shop?

Most major car, motorcycle and motorsport accessory shops stock Tyreart. Halfords, Demon Tweeks and Frost’s are some examples. Alternatively, order direct for the full range of products.

Can I purchase Tyreart Products in bulk quantities?

Yes, we can supply any quantity you require but discount is available for purchases in multiples of 12. In the case of Paint in a Pen, colours can be mixed. Contact for details.