Tyre Detailing

'For tyres that need to be noticed!'

By simply applying a coat of Tyre Gloss to the tyre wall, you will achieve a long lasting black sheen, which will add protection so that when the tyre becomes dirty it can easily be washed to restore its 'as new' appearance.

For best results, it is recommended that that the tyres are first washed with soapy water to remove dirt and grease. When dry, brush on a single application of 'Tyre Gloss' which is made easy by its watery consistency.

For some, this durable finish may be all that is required, but to fully appreciate the potential of the Tyreart Tyre Cosmetics System fine detailing can be achieved by highlighting the tyre brand name using our Paint in a Pen Tyre Pen.

- Choose from the range of 11 colours to create your personalised professional look.